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In February of 2010, Chicago fine artist Sarah deHebreard turned her focus from painting pictures to making lip balm, and Bonnie was born. Her naturally nourishing products harness the goodness that nature provides in sophisticated and creative ways, making use of natural compounds in complex and luxurious formulations. Sarah is constantly developing new formulas with a focus on sensitive skin, and searching for new and interesting ways to combine nature and science.

As a self-described micro-manager with an eye for detail, Sarah handles every aspect of Bonnie on her own; including graphic and web design, product development, marketing, production, and packaging. Her best sellers include Superbalm, Body Balm Candles, and Tinted Lip Balm.

So who is Bonnie?

Bonnie was the cat Sarah grew up with. She passed away at the age of 19 in the summer of 1999, when Sarah was only 17. When searching for a name for the business, Sarah wanted something simple which evoked the feel of the brand, but had a unique back story. Bonnie came to mind, and it was clearly the perfect choice.

What is Bonnie up to?

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